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The Banquet of the Gods Restaurant is open to groups of 25-100 people for both weekdays and special events that do not, after your reservation at least one week before the event. more info: 348 3742244
All flavors of DOC Wines, Liquors and Teas produced by Cominium Wellness in the House of Bacchus. From plants grown in the gardens of Cominium directly to your table to enchant your palate
“Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” To the health of the mind equally corresponds the health of the body
The Banquet of the Gods Restaurant aims to crown the experience of the village with good food of local cuisine. "The tradition of Mediterranean-Sannitico Comino Valley marries internationality and creativity of our chefs to create simple, natural and genuine dishes that give joy to the taste and senses of those who eat them." In our menu you can find the specialties of Val Comino as well as all the products of Cominium Wellness - asparagus, truffles, apples, olive oil, herbs, wine and spirits. The Following menus provide different combinations of flavors to better taste the range of products offered by our land.
House of Bacchus
Wellness Restaurant
Welome to the Fontana Ufa Village where the Legend becomes Reality