Physical Wellbeing Walking trails, Horse and Mountain Bike organized by Cominium Benessere invigorate the body as well as the mind. Check out our Offers
Psychological Wellbeing Meditation, psychic regeneration in harmony and in the silence of nature. Ideal for managers, professionals, conferences, groups of psychology and full-immersion training
Sensorial Wellbeing The smells of wild plants and those of garden, the sounds of the mountain and the valley, its flavors. A special place for all lovers of good taste and good living. Check out our Products
Intellectual Wellness The magic of the place, given by enchanting landscapes, events and activities all around flood into the imagination of designers, writers, musicians, artists
Medical Welness The Village of Fontana Ufa located on mountains of Abruzzo National Park is the ideal place for athletes and sports. Clean air and mountain altitude helps oxygenation of the blood resulting in higher physical skills
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Knowing One’s Self is a training program created ISPEF for the psychological well-being of the individual. A series of books structured in order to find out the rules and characteristics of one’s personality and human relations which  each individual lives daliy.
In the Cominium Benessere agriturism we live an easy and full experience of hospitality according to the ancient Mediterranean traditions; harmony between themselves and the environment in which to find the nature and traditions of healthy living; community where scents, colors, sizes, life cycles, greetings, smiles, music and dancing activate our vital energy. Here, the spiritual relationship between people becomes concrete and visible as the lights of the stars in the sky and fireflies in the fields of Opi that illuminate the house of Saturn. The live Well-Being is based on the model of PsychoSophy and in particular on Knowing One’s Self, the philosophy of culture and Eastern Mediterranean. The PsychoSophy is a discipline of knowledge and a psychological method for the discovery and effective intervention and significant in reality. As part of the PsychoSophy, Knowing One’s Slef is the path Psychic to learn how to travel in their own mental world and to understand the experience of self and others
Welome to the Fontana Ufa Village where the Legend becomes Reality