The Cominium Benessere was created by Fausto Presutti, psychologist, PhD Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, internationally renowned expert of Human Sciences and Education Sciences. The Cominium Benessere was created with the intent to create an environment that respects the magic of the place (rich in history, culture and healthy life) in order to accommodate a small community of people that have in common the same philosophy of life: combine spirituality with bodily and sensory activities in a natural place where to live and discover themselves. The Cominium Benessere is a Proposal for ECOTOURISM.
Opera Protetta Registrazione n. A88950 del 27/09/13 La Casa di Saturno e gli Orti di Opi nella Valle di Comino Ť uní Opera Protetta dal MiBACT
La Cominium Benessere è una Proposta di ECOTURISMO
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Welome to the Fontana Ufa Village where the Legend becomes Reality
Legend has it that Saturn to escape the wrath of Zeus hid in the low Lazio and his wife, the goddess Ops, and here he founded five fortified towns Alatri, Anagni, Arpino, Atina and Ferentino. Atina in particular was the city saturnine most of all enjoyed a great splendor in Roman times. Today Atina can be identified throughout the Comino Valley where it resides. Comino is derived from Cominium which means the place where the meetings were convened (comitia) characterized by the presence of a sacred place. The House of Saturn and the Gardens of Opi can be identified by toponymy of today as: FONTANA UFA village, on the road VALLE MASSIMA, in the village of Alvito, in the Comino Valley. This is the place where THE LEGEND BECOMES REALITY as stated in the epigraph at the entrance of the village.
Agricultural center In Harmony  with Earth and Sky