In the twenty-first century we live in the era of NOW TECNO-COMPUTERIZED, where technological tools and information to allow any individual to: - Be in communication with any part of the world (exceeded limits physical-spatial) - Be able to make contact with others when you want (physical and temporal limits are exceeded) - Enhance the intellectual and creative capacity (exceeding the limits of cerebral processing). In addition, the information technology of the twenty-first century can change the very concept of representation of the world through: - A collection of many different populations with specific traditions and cultures, - To a single GLOBAL VILLAGE where people are in constant contact and continuous. This allows you to overcome the constraints of Cultural, Political, Economic and Artistic of each individual and people to the benefit of a global view of HUMANITY putting in common experiences, knowledge, discoveries, inventions and innovations necessary to improve the quality of life of Man and environment surrounding it. In the Global Village Techno-Computerized there are no distinctions of race, politics, sex, social class or religion. Everyone can express themselves and the computer network to transmit immediately throughout the world the messages communicated. For this reason, the Company Techno-Computerized twenty-first century is already producing a NEW HUMANISM where any individual, any culture-population-social status may be active for its progress and to promote its development. The advent of the company Tecno-Computerized realized a dream of humanity, to overcome constraints: - Physical-biological space and time, - Mental processing logic of human thought, - Political and cultural democracy as any person can have a real opportunity to communicate on the network with any other person living in The possibility of time-space-mental-democratic tools Techno-Computer individuals to live in a Global Village (based on COMMUNITIES OF NETS), however, is determined by the fact that people know and know how to use the features and rules of a new reality, defined VIRTUAL REALITY, which allows them to travel as Internet World. Therefore, it is necessary for people to be literate about how to be and to communicate their real life (defined as "REALITY EXPERIENCE") through NETWORK TECNO-COMPUTERIZED Virtual Reality. For this to happen it is essential that people know: - Operate-be-think-communicate as CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, where Virtual Reality and Reality Experiential are reciprocal and interdependent one medium to another; - Deal with others in order to be able to build a Community Network truly effective and meaningful. To enable individuals and groups to be World Citizens in a community of network is designed the model of ecotourism, characterized by the proposal to welcome travelers to places natural-spiritual so that they can gain knowledge and practical activities of the Culture, of 'Environment and social traditions of each people and at the same time they can experience yourself living in this new dimension Cultural-Environmental-Social. The ECOTURIMO wants to be a concrete proposal to allow people to travel anywhere in the world and be able to participate and share Reality Human-Environmental of each people of Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia in order to be able to know, respect and internalize • Environment and Nature in the World, • Cultural and social traditions, • creative products Craft, Art and Industry of every people, • relations and social organization of the Community, • Well-being and personal care of themselves. This is made possible through the provision of specific Historical, Environmental, Natural, Cultural, Artistic and Popular Tradition, where every traveler can choose what they like most and which of these is more attractive for its special needs of the moment. The "Carpe Diem" (= "seize the day" here and now) is the fundamental rule of life in EcoTourism. The vision of ecotourism is completely different from that of TOURISM MASS, which is instead built into commercial operation, without respect for the rhythms of Environment, Local culture and personal needs of travelers. The proposal of TOURISM MASS is based on the amount of individuals that realize. The proposal is based on the quality of ecotourism experiences of living people. So, we can say that the ecotourism is a proposal WELLNESS FOR QUALITY OF LIFE QUALITY OF LIFE ecotourism is characterized by vision-Cultural Environment of places: 1) show that the COSMIC ORDER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, 2) in balance with the NATURAL WORLD where everything is alive and animated, 3) where the rooms and the architecture create harmony and nourish SPIRITUALITY and INNER STRENGTH people. In Cominium Wellness it is realized the model of ecotourism conceived by Fausto Presutti, proposing to live a NEW HUMANISM MEDITERRANEAN (mind-body-health-environment-happiness). Objective of Cominium WELLNESS is to build proposals for ecotourism in order to promote and develop: - The 'Otium: activities for personal well-being and intellectual research (as opposed to "negotium" in ancient Rome indicated that the activities of their work made more out of necessity than by choice; - Adventures to discover the Comino Valley and the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise; - Participation in sensory pathways, motor, artistic, cultural, social and historical to the personal enrichment and a renaissance psychic; - Social gatherings empathetic in "Belvedere Uranus-Gea", in '' Agora Fonta Ufa ", the" Feast of the Gods "and" Casa di Bacco "to discuss and explore the issues that lives the Community" Cominium Wellness ".
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