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Welome to the Fontana Ufa Village where the Legend becomes Reality
Inside the Cominium Benessere are several local crafts for sale of certified quality. Everything is produced using, as raw material, the plants grown in our garden and products of certified companies, with the help of the Agri Fazio, biological farm of the Comino Valley.
Shower Gel Foam free of chemical surfactants (AGL) and compounds from a mixture of essential oils with delicate features purifying. Honey, Lavender or Rose. Ensures safe hygiene without depleting the skin of those natural substances that keep healthy.
Price 250 ml 6,50
Wild Grappa Distilled from prized grapes pomace, obtained by steam distillation with a careful blend of brandy and wild cherries, aged two years. It is distinguished by the softness of its aroma and velvety. Product quality 'of the Lazio side of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise.
Strawberry Liqueur The liqueur Wild strawberries and 'result of a carefully chosen. The main work, are the wild strawberries soaked in an infusion of alcohol, sugar and water for a long time.
Price 20 cl 8,50 70 cl 19
Price 20 cl 8 70 cl 18
Body Cream Creams for body, hands, legs designed to soothe and protect. Each with a specific action on our body parts.
Price Body Cream 50 ml 6,50€ 125 ml 13€ Hand Cream 50 ml 6€ 125 ml 10€ Leg Cream 100 ml 13€
Face Moisturizer 50 ml 6,00€ 100 ml 10,20€ Soap - Lavender, Pink, Olive Oil 50 gr 2,60€ 100 gr 3,80€ Anti-Mosquito spray 100 ml 7,00€ Sun Cream 100 ml 7,00€ Shampoo 200 ml 5,00€ Balsam 250 ml 7,50€
Ratafia 20 cl 7,00€ 70 cl 16,50€ Amaro Fazio 20 cl 7,00€ 70 cl 16,50€ Rose Liqueur 20 cl 7,00€ 70 cl 16,50€